Gonzobelly, Andrew Komarnyckyj

About the Book

A narrator known only as Kowalski takes you on a hilarious and harrowing four-day tour of life’s underbelly.

In his role as Gonzo Guide, he invites you to join him as he wanders aimlessly through a murky world of bars, drug addicts, drug-dealers, and other low-life characters doing their best to survive.

Not all of them make it.

Along the way, Kowalski philosophises on the meaning of life, drink, and drug-abuse, giving the novel flavours of Hunter S Thompson, Charles Bukowski, and William Burroughs.

Whether you have spent time in the underbelly or merely viewed it from a safe distance, you will find Kowalski’s account of his misadventures eye-popping and jaw-dropping.

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My Thoughts

In the 80s, and the 4 days this story unfolds, Kowalski gets into a bit of everything. In the vein of Bukowski, and the like, so much happens, yet little occurs. A self-proclaimed alcoholic whose tendency to overindulge in drugs and alcohol, Kowalski is well read. He fights for the authors he prefers; well, he fights for quite a bit. His friends, fellow drinking buddies, are always there at the pub, waiting for his camaraderie, ready to ask him what he’s reading and debate some of the greats.

The story is very reminiscent of reading Bukowski. There isn’t an overarching storyline, which is what makes this book as endearing as it is. You pity Kowalski, his trials, drunken arguments, the nonsensical fights. I enjoyed the subtle nods to Komarnyckyj’s other works, grateful I’ve read them, feeling a part of the inside joke. I appreciated Kowalski’s anxiety, both chemically induced and not. It makes his bumbling relatable. There’s something special in this read; I loved the nostalgia that floated up through the pages.

Here’s the thing, I love this author’s works. I will recommend him to the end of the earth. Gonzobelly is another fine addition to his growing catalog, and I cannot recommend it enough.


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