Cherry Brandy, LJ Evans

About the Book

Forbidden is another word for having everything to lose.

A quirky rock star and her fierce Secret Service agent fight a forbidden attraction while on the run.

As the Vice President’s daughter and his current assignment, Leya Singh is completely off-limits. Special Agent Holden Kent refuses to let his desire for The Painted Daisies singer and sitar player cost him the future he’s worked his entire life to achieve. Not when his goal of working on the Presidential detail is finally within his grasp.

Leya always believed great passion wasn’t in the cards for her. But the way her body lights up around Holden has her questioning everything she thought was true, including the arranged marriage waiting for her.

When a hate group targeting Leya’s father sets its sights on her, the fear that she was the intended victim the night her bandmate was murdered blooms into reality. Determined to get answers and protect her, Holden is forced to take her into hiding, where his carefully guarded walls start to crumble. Having only one bed is still no excuse to touch her…until touching is their only choice.

But if he lets his focus slip, it’ll be Leya who pays the price, and Holden refuses to be the reason her enemies find her.

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Releases May 17th


My Thoughts

Leya is assertive and goes after what she wants, except when it comes to her parents. She wants something other than what they have planned for her, but she doesn’t know how to tell them that her feelings have changed. But right now, she has more important things to deal with because even though she has the secret service to protect her, the FTG has stepped up their game. She and her family won’t be safe until they’re taken down.

I enjoyed this one. I like Leya a lot, and this story does, too, as The Painted Daisies are a bit in the background of this one, which I totally dig. While I love their group, we get to focus on Leya and what she’s going through. This was a nice change of pace in the series, though this can be read as a standalone. However, you would miss out on a fun overarching story if you read it as such. Cherry Brandy and Leya’s story is a lovely addition to the series—nicely done.


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