Home Field Advantage, Dahlia Adler

In the world, people are incredibly tolerant. They aren’t racist, misogynistic, or homophobic. They’re accepting of everyone because they ultimately know they should worry about themselves and mind their business. However, this closed-minded school isn’t that world, nowhere is really. But it takes baby steps. Steps such as a female quarterback, even though she has… Continue reading Home Field Advantage, Dahlia Adler

The Long Weekend, Gilly Macmillan

I’ve realized after writing this review that it’s fairly ranty. Sorry in advance for that. Books like The Long Weekend make me wish star ratings weren’t a thing. This story goes from bad, to worse, to unbelievable, to utterly messy. The first half of the book was just one conglomeration of repetition: repeated thoughts, repeated… Continue reading The Long Weekend, Gilly Macmillan