Links I love

Here are Some of My Favorite Sites on the Internet

  • RetailMeNot if you online shop, you NEED this site, I have saved hundreds using their discounts and free shipping codes.

  • a great place to help you catalog and organize your movies and books, and take it on the go, because I NEVER can remember if I own “that book” or not. There are a few kinks in the app, but I think it’s worth it.

  • MyLifeSuckers if this woman doesn’t have you laughing about parenthood, I don’t know what would.

  • Crazy Russian Hacker He is full of fun experiments, fun to watch, he has a website, vines if you’re into those, etc…

  • Software Library Remember those games we fought over in school to play on the computer? You can find them here! You dont have to register, but if you want your Oregon Trail score at the top, registering is free!

  • BookBub Okay, nothing beats actually holding a book, but it’s nice to switch back and forth between any e-reader device you have and a book. The best part of this site? They show you daily free books and discounted books!! I LOVE this site!!

  • dafont love fonts? you will love this site, free fonts, no spam, so much fun if you love to make your own pictures, creative texts, anything really!