If you are an author I have worked with and would like me to review for you, please email me at the communication email we have used in the past. But please read on regardless.

For new to me authors:
Over the years of accepting review requests, I have had the pleasure of reading a great many Indie books that I might never have found on my own. In addition, I’ve worked with some fantastic authors. Unfortunately, there have been some sour grapes in the mix, and lately, there have been a lot more sour grapes. People feel entitled to the right to bully someone doing them a favor. Frankly, I don’t do well with bullying, and I’m feeling out of favors. Bloggers shoulder a significant amount of time and money to offer authors a space to share their books. Harassing someone who is doing you a service, at no cost to you, isn’t the route to go.

Combined with some health issues I’ve had reading ebooks, it’s made accepting new authors challenging. I need to shift away from reading so many ebooks, so I’ve toyed with the idea of accepting only paperback requests, but that gets costly for Indie authors.

So for those reasons, I’m going to close review requests for new authors indefinitely. I will still be reviewing here on the blog as I love sharing books with fellow readers. Thank you for trusting me with your books through the years.

Updated 12/12/21 and 1/20/22