Authors: I am currently booked and am not taking new review requests. If you’re an author I’ve worked with and have a new release, feel free to drop me a message, and I will try to adjust the schedule. I hope to open the form back up in November, so check back for updates.

There is a minimum 90 day turnaround time for e-book reviews.

*Amazon is taking up to 3 days to post some reviews. The review will be dated for the day I submitted it when it posts. Keep that in mind when setting a deadline. Books need to be on Goodreads so I may review it when I’m finished as I cannot hold review notes for months
*Reviews are free (as they should be!). If someone wants to charge you to read your book, find a new reviewer.
*If your book does not have a “look inside” feature on Amazon I may request chapter previews.
*I do not accept PDF’s. They are clunky with the app and you cannot make notes in them. If your PDF is formatted properly, you can use free file converters such as Calibre Draft2Digital, PublishDrive, or Reedsy to convert it.
*I love paperbacks. Have one? I’d be happy to read it.


What genres do you review?
Historical Fiction, Teen & YA, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Dystopian, some Fantasy, Paranormal, Thriller, Humor, and some Memoirs. Take a look at my blog to see if your book might be the right fit. (hint: I don’t love straight Sci-Fi, Western, or Regency) Review requests for anthologies and genres I don’t review will be ignored.

How long does it take to receive my review?
The turn around for an e-book is approximately 90 days, give or take. I try to make exceptions for new releases. I put timing preference towards paperbacks, which are usually completed in under 30 days.

Do you review all submitted books?
No. Sometimes because of personal preferences, I am unable to finish and review a book. I will message you to let you know if that happens.

Where do you post reviews?
I post here on the blog, Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub when the author uses it. I share on Twitter. Not all reviews are shared on my social media. I don’t tag authors in reviews anymore as there has been too much controversy surrounding that. 

Do you review Anthologies?
No. I prefer to choose the authors I review for and you cannot do that with multiple authors contributing to one book.

Can I gift you a book through Amazon?
Yes, you can, though you don’t need to. However, the review will not be Verified. See the Verified Review Question below.

Will you do direct to Kindle?
If you’re an author I work with, yes. Do not insist you will only do direct to Kindle and then not offer Kindle format.

Do you keep the file I send?
No, I do not. After I finish the book I delete it from the app. If it is a mobi book I delete it from the app and from my files in my Amazon account.

What makes a verified review?
A book is verified only if the *reviewer* buys it. This is the only way. If you gift me a book from Amazon, my review will not be verified because I didn’t pay for it, you did. I can buy free e-books from Amazon and because I went through the process of purchasing, that would be a verified review.