Beautiful Things Evil People Do, Kailee Reese Samuels

Meet Jynx and Echo. Neither of them is interested in a relationship. Both are carrying burdens from the past and the weight of their family's expectations. Can broken people help heal each other, or is it just an implosion waiting to happen? “I inherited sadness from my mother.”- This resonated with me because there are… Continue reading Beautiful Things Evil People Do, Kailee Reese Samuels

The Winter Sisters, Tim Westover

Set in 1822, Dr. Aubrey Waycross has finally found a position as a town doctor in Lawrenceville, GA. The problem is that the townspeople are superstitious, and they believe in the travelling shysters that sell miracle elixirs. Additionally, The Winter Sisters are claiming to heal these people as well. Waycross knows their type, old witches… Continue reading The Winter Sisters, Tim Westover

Don’t Look for Me, Wendy Walker

Five years after the death of her daughter Annie, Molly and her family are still hurting from the loss. Molly feels like her son and daughter don’t forgive her for Annie, and she suspects her husband is cheating. So when she disappears, it’s almost the perfect situation. But Nicole isn’t ready to let her mother… Continue reading Don’t Look for Me, Wendy Walker

Where Loyalties Lie, Jill Ramsower

Both Tamir and Emily are keeping secrets. Bound by their secrets for varying reasons, if they don’t learn to trust one another, Emily might not make it out alive. Emily has a forceful personality, and her inner strength keeps her fighting. She’s highly self-reliant, and sometimes that means not letting Tamir in when she needs… Continue reading Where Loyalties Lie, Jill Ramsower