Rebel Academy: Curse, Rosemary A. Johns

“... Magenta had shown me that I wasn’t nobody and I could save myself,...” It all comes down to the Dragon Tournament, and there’s a very good chance that our beloved crew won’t succeed. The repercussions for failing are high, and the results could be devastating. I absolutely love that one semi-alive witch could bring… Continue reading Rebel Academy: Curse, Rosemary A. Johns

Magic, Television, & Marijuana, Matthew Berkman

When Berkman sent me a review request for this, I thought the title and blurb had promise. Then I got to the price on Amazon, which I found highly amusing, and I knew I had to read it. The story is told in alternating viewpoints and timelines, so you get a bit of everything with… Continue reading Magic, Television, & Marijuana, Matthew Berkman