Gonzobelly, Andrew Komarnyckyj

A narrator known only as Kowalski takes you on a hilarious and harrowing four-day tour of life’s underbelly. In his role as Gonzo Guide, he invites you to join him as he wanders aimlessly through a murky world of bars, drug addicts, drug-dealers, and other low-life characters doing their best to survive. Not all of… Continue reading Gonzobelly, Andrew Komarnyckyj


The Long Weekend, Gilly Macmillan

I’ve realized after writing this review that it’s fairly ranty. Sorry in advance for that. Books like The Long Weekend make me wish star ratings weren’t a thing. This story goes from bad, to worse, to unbelievable, to utterly messy. The first half of the book was just one conglomeration of repetition: repeated thoughts, repeated… Continue reading The Long Weekend, Gilly Macmillan

10 New Releases to Look Forward to in July

Why do I keep putting myself through the incredibly difficult task of picking only 10 upcoming releases to share? Because it's fun, and who doesn't love looking at the possibilities of what's to come. As always, I don't include books that are in the middle of a series, or books that I have as an… Continue reading 10 New Releases to Look Forward to in July