The Silent Unseen, Amanda McCrina

“… We were both the same kind of stubborn.” In wartime, people make tough decisions. Sometimes things go in directions they might never have dreamed possible. The Silent Unseen is a convoluted tale of two teens whose paths cross in life-altering ways. Told in alternating viewpoints, we experience the unlikely friendship between Maria and Kostya.… Continue reading The Silent Unseen, Amanda McCrina

No Filter and Other Lies, Crystal Maldonado

I got this in the B&N preorder sale because I had read Fat Chance Charlie Vega last year and fell in love. Unfortunately, this one came with a few issues for me. The first is that Kat is a pretty horrible person. Her mother is absolute garbage. While Kat has supportive grandparents, the fact they… Continue reading No Filter and Other Lies, Crystal Maldonado