Unreviewed Books

I've been reading a ton of manga lately because life has done what life does, and it lifed. Manga has been the easiest for me to focus on right now, so most of these unreviewed books are just that. Dream Work, Mary OliverPoetryGoodreads, Amazon, Bookshop, B&N This was a quick read for me, I give… Continue reading Unreviewed Books


The Once and Future Witches, Alix E. Harrow

The Once and Future Witches is built on and around nursery rhymes, which are anything but. The year is 1893, and as The Eastwood sisters come together again after a long separation, they find the strength they didn’t have growing up. Suffragettes with a twist, how perfect! I feel like some reviewers are over reviewing… Continue reading The Once and Future Witches, Alix E. Harrow