Perfect on Paper, Sophie Gonzales

There’s a locker in school that you can deposit your love advice questions into. You will then receive an e-mail response from an anonymous source. That source not only has a 95% success rate but is none other than Darcy Phillips. When she gets busted emptying the locker by Brougham, she doesn’t want her identity… Continue reading Perfect on Paper, Sophie Gonzales

The Ruthless Lady’s Guide to Wizardry, C.M. Waggoner

I wanted to scroll through a bunch of reviews before I wrote my own because I wanted to see why people weren’t hugging this book to their chest and spinning in circles in a Julie Andrews-esque fashion. I think historical fantasy is probably one of my weaker genres, and I was incredibly pleased to get… Continue reading The Ruthless Lady’s Guide to Wizardry, C.M. Waggoner

Even if We Break, Marieke Nijkamp

I requested this one from Sourcebooks Fire because the blurb had me hooked. Who doesn’t want to see how a bunch of teens in the face of their secrets exposed? I hadn’t read Nijkamp before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The cast of characters is inclusive, and while I think there’s good representation,… Continue reading Even if We Break, Marieke Nijkamp

Throwaway Girls, Andrea Contos

“... sometimes the devil you know is the lesser threat.” Caroline’s best friend is missing, and while she’s mourning the loss of her girlfriend, Willa, finding Madison is the priority. The more she delves into what’s going on, the higher the danger. Too many people are keeping secrets, and Caroline doesn’t have a lot of… Continue reading Throwaway Girls, Andrea Contos