Spreading Love and Happiness

This photo was from a few days ago. It was -16 out and miserable. This picture is the result of just how cold it was outside after the car running for 20 minutes. Do you see that really cool heart from the defroster? I think that rocks, and I am going to take it as… Continue reading Spreading Love and Happiness

Immuno-compromised, Pulling Together

image found: http://images.dailykos.com/images/127821/large/god_cartoon.jpg?1423236304 We are an immunocompromised blended family. There, I have said it. *wipes brow* Believe it or not, when you are at the pharmacy, in pain, and people ask you what is going on, and you tell people you are immuno-compromised, or you have an auto immune disease, people think, OMG she is… Continue reading Immuno-compromised, Pulling Together

Homeschooling and Public School, Our Choice and Journey

I started un-officially homeschooling my daughter when she was 4. She officially homeschooled for grades k-2. Life got hectic after second grade and so the decision was made to put her into public school (as there are no private schools within a one hour radius of where we live and k-12 is not available here).… Continue reading Homeschooling and Public School, Our Choice and Journey