The Last Thing He Told Me, Laura Dave

This one is so well reviewed I won’t summarize this as I usually do. I haven’t read Dave before, so I’m not sure if repeating sentences or parts of sentences is a known writing style of hers or if she wrote that way in this book for impact. Either way, I felt it was completely… Continue reading The Last Thing He Told Me, Laura Dave


Blog Tour- The House of Hidden Secrets, CE Rose

The House Of Hidden SecretsAuthor: CE Rose The imposing gates of Ramsay Hall yawned open. As Serena and 4-year-old Lana walked up the long driveway, little did they know the dark secrets that lay within. When Serena Green accepted the role of housekeeper for wealthy widower Hayden Ramsay, she never imagined her new home would be Ramsay… Continue reading Blog Tour- The House of Hidden Secrets, CE Rose

Do No Harm, Christina McDonald

I was lucky enough to receive this as an ARC. McDonald always writes wonderful characters. In this, you want to cheer on Emma even when she’s doing something sketchy. She’s flawed and has made mistakes in her past. McDonald is great at building moral conundrums with her readers. Because we inherently want things to work… Continue reading Do No Harm, Christina McDonald

Throwaway Girls, Andrea Contos

“... sometimes the devil you know is the lesser threat.” Caroline’s best friend is missing, and while she’s mourning the loss of her girlfriend, Willa, finding Madison is the priority. The more she delves into what’s going on, the higher the danger. Too many people are keeping secrets, and Caroline doesn’t have a lot of… Continue reading Throwaway Girls, Andrea Contos