Hawthorn Woods, Patrick Canning

Set in the late 80s, Hawthorn Woods gives us Francine, who is taking a mini-vacation at her sister Ellie’s house to jumpstart her life after a devastating divorce. Ellie’s home is in a close-knit neighborhood, where everyone is into everyone’s business, and they don’t love newcomers. Francine has trouble from the start, but she’s found… Continue reading Hawthorn Woods, Patrick Canning

The Lost Girls of Devon, Barbara O’Neal

“Lost girls. I’d found them everywhere, all over the world, all longing for hope, for love, for an answer to their hungers in a world that did not honor them.” When she was seven, Zoe’s mother Poppy dropped her off at her grandmother’s house and never came back. While they wrote letters and talked on… Continue reading The Lost Girls of Devon, Barbara O’Neal