10 New Releases to Look Forward to in November

It's that time of the month where we get excited for new releases to add to our (probably) impossible TBRs. Rumor is because of the wood shortage, books are taking even longer than they already were to arrive. So I would recommend using the preorders if you plan to shop for the holidays. Let's get… Continue reading 10 New Releases to Look Forward to in November

Beautiful Country, Qian Julie Wang

In Beautiful Country, Wang artfully captures what life was like for an undocumented immigrant, not only from her perspective but from that of her parents as well. They have left everything behind for the dream of living in ‘the beautiful country.’ But they have landed in NYC and are struggling from the astronomical cost of… Continue reading Beautiful Country, Qian Julie Wang

The Menopause Manifesto, Jen Gunter

I follow Dr. Gunter on Twitter, and you can’t imagine the relief when I heard she was releasing a book for those of us suffering from menopause. It’s definitely not something that my generation of mothers or grandmothers talked about. After a partial hysterectomy, I’ve been suffering from symptoms for seven years. It’s been poorly… Continue reading The Menopause Manifesto, Jen Gunter