Bring Them Home, Julia DeBarrioz

In Bring Them Home, we get stubborn Dakota, set to rescue a group of girls being trafficked. Because she’s still got her walls up around Diego, she has to pretend she’s not attracted to him while working with him to rescue these girls. She’s not afraid to dive in, even if it means she puts… Continue reading Bring Them Home, Julia DeBarrioz


This Pale Mortal Shell, D. Elizabeth Ayers

Madison's rock star husband Tristan has died. she can't inherit the millions he's left behind, that she so desperately needs unless she spends 3 months living with his brother in England. His half-brother Joseph lives in the cottage that Tristan owns, and he can't inherit the cottage unless he agrees to the living arrangement as… Continue reading This Pale Mortal Shell, D. Elizabeth Ayers