Crush (Rebel Academy), Rosemary Johns

“...monsters deserved love too.” You need to start at book 1 with this reverse harem, Rebel Academy, where no one comes out a winner; if they come out at all. Here, the Immortals have won the Rebel Cup. But the win comes with a price. Of course, it does. This isn’t your typical reform school.… Continue reading Crush (Rebel Academy), Rosemary Johns

Rebel Academy: Crave, Rosemary A. Johns

“Was it wrong to crave love?” From the very first chapter where we meet Magenta, I was invested in her and her future in the Rebel Academy. But then, as Johns introduced characters, I found myself attached to each of them. When each chapter focused on various members of the Rebels, I declared that person… Continue reading Rebel Academy: Crave, Rosemary A. Johns

Only Protector Alphas, Rosemary A. Johns

The thing about Crimson through this journey is that she's constantly evolving, she's learning what it means to control the Crimson Tide, to belong to a pack, and how that pack can change, evolve and grow, just as she is. In this final installment, the pack is again in hot water, and when we left… Continue reading Only Protector Alphas, Rosemary A. Johns