Highland Games, Evie Alexander

About the Book: Welcome to Kinloch, and the hottest winter Scotland’s ever seen.Zoe’s always played it safe, just as her parents wanted. But when her great-uncle dies and leaves her a ramshackle cabin in the Scottish Highlands, she decides it’s time to change her life.Upping sticks seems like a good idea in her cosy London… Continue reading Highland Games, Evie Alexander

The Last Hurrah, Victoria Anders

a young adult romantic comedy novellaBy Victoria AndersAlt 19 Publications paperback, also available as an eBookOn sale: February 5, 2021ISBN: 9781087941233 (print)Price: $9.99 (paperback), $0.99 (eBook) 3 nights, 2 days, and 1 massive music fest . . . I’ve been content sweating under the covers, hiding from life all summer. That’s what happens when you… Continue reading The Last Hurrah, Victoria Anders

Perfect on Paper, Sophie Gonzales

There’s a locker in school that you can deposit your love advice questions into. You will then receive an e-mail response from an anonymous source. That source not only has a 95% success rate but is none other than Darcy Phillips. When she gets busted emptying the locker by Brougham, she doesn’t want her identity… Continue reading Perfect on Paper, Sophie Gonzales

Beauty and the Bassist, Megan Walker & Janci Patterson

Rockstar Shane is emotionally healing from an accident in which his best friend, JT, died. The admitted playboy is seeing ghosts, and he’s feeling pretty broken. He gets roped into being the emcee for a beauty pageant where he meets the coordinator, Allison. Showing up late doesn’t help his case. Allison knew his type before… Continue reading Beauty and the Bassist, Megan Walker & Janci Patterson