The Lost Girls of Devon, Barbara O’Neal

“Lost girls. I’d found them everywhere, all over the world, all longing for hope, for love, for an answer to their hungers in a world that did not honor them.” When she was seven, Zoe’s mother Poppy dropped her off at her grandmother’s house and never came back. While they wrote letters and talked on… Continue reading The Lost Girls of Devon, Barbara O’Neal

The Second Home, Christina Clancy

Ann’s life drastically changes one fateful evening when she’s a teenager during her summer at the Cove. The ripple effect of what happens changes her entire family. Michael disappears, and Poppy, who was in the beginnings of acting out, takes to a life of surfing anywhere but home. Told in alternating timelines of the past… Continue reading The Second Home, Christina Clancy

A Week at the Shore, Barbara Delinksy

I requested this one from St. Martin’s because I always love their books. After 20 years away, Mallory and her 13-year-old daughter head back to her hometown. To the memories she’s left behind and to her sister Anne that has taken care of her father all these years. But some big revelations get uncovered, ones… Continue reading A Week at the Shore, Barbara Delinksy